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Lapuan Kankurit JUHANNUS blanket white-rose and ILTA bed linens


Autumn is here, and with it come new adventures we are eager to embark on with you. Our local Finnsheep wool collection, designed by the talented Hanna Galtat, is finished.

We are also excited to announce our second collaboration with the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation. Together with the designer Marianne Huotari, we have created SUON ÄÄNI / VOICE OF THE MIRE collection to raise funds to protect and preserve the Finnish mires.

Besides Hanna and Marianne, we are honoured to welcome Samu-Jussi Koski and Elisa Defossez amongst the ranks of our designers. With the help of our new designers – and the return of some old favourites – we wish to bring colour and beauty into the coming autumn and winter.

Beyond these new and exciting developments, the fiftieth anniversary of Lapuan Kankurit has also given us a chance to look back. We have renewed our long-standing partnership with The Friends of Finnish Handcraft by bringing some old designs back into production, starting with the 1991’s JUHLADAMASTI. We have also put together an exhibition to showcase our company’s storied history. The WOVEN JOURNEY exhibition is running until 9th of September 2023 in the Lapua Art Museum. 

Our new Way of living publication is a celebration of change. We get curious about the possibilities change brings into our lives with Samu-Jussi. We try to effect change with The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation and Marianne Huotari to protect our beloved mires. We worry about, but also have great hopes for, the changes to come in the next fifty years. And we stop to enjoy ourselves in the harmony of the everchanging nature with Saara Atula’s great food.

Big life events, small everyday surprises. Whatever changes life throws your way, you can trust in one constant: our mission, values and quality will stay the same.


Jaana and Esko Hjelt
Fourth generation weavers

JUHANNUS blanket | Lapuan Kankurit


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