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Team Lapuan Kankurit

Developing the best textiles in the world is our passion. Our own mill and the young, open-minded professionals who work there allow us to make our products a little better every day. For example the successful TERVA bath collection in linen-tencel-cotton is a great example of the in-house design development.

HALAUS linen scarf

Halauslinen scarf is soft choice for summer!

45,90  € 
New size available
Lapuan Kankurit MAIJA blanket white-cinnamon


114,90  € 
New colours available
MARIA pocket shawl brown-black

Mariapocket shawl

69,90  € 
lapuan kankurit MAIJA dishcloth

Maijaabsorbant, eco-friendly dishcloth in 21 colours!

10,90  € 
New colours available
lapuan kankurit MAIJA towel

MaijaOur innovation, linen-tencel towel in 21 colours!

17,90  € 
New colours available

Meriwash mitten

11,90  € 
Lapuan Kankurit MERI back rub white-grey

Meriback rub

19,90  € 

Meriwrap towel

81,90  € 
MERI sauna hat

Merisauna hat

25,90  € 
IIDA runner


39,90  € 


39,90  € 
MONO towel christmas red


17,90  € 
IIDA runner white-turquoise


26,90  € 
lapuan kankurit KOLI scarf beige-black

Kolisoft merino wool scarf. Woven in Finland!

89,90  € 
New colours available



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