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Jenni Rope, Matti Pikkujämsä

Matti Pikkujämsä & Jenni Rope

Jenni and Matti became friends back in 1999 during their studies at the Helsinki University of Art and Design. In the Summer of 2018, together, they designed the Täkki pattern for their first Blue Things exhibition. The inspiration for their design comes from common interests in exploring the interface between crafts, art and new material experiments. Initially they worked separately on a plethora of patterns, after which Matti chose Jenni's most interesting and eye-catching designs and Jenni chose her favourite patterns from Matti's work. What came out were originals from Jenni: squares of abstract patterns made with the linocut technique while Matti had painted his patterns, inspired by plants, with Japanese markers on porous paper.

Matti Pikkujämsä
Matti is an award-winning artist and illustrator. He is most known for his popular portrait studio and his Cup of Therapy project. The project was a collaboration with Psychotherapist Antti Ervasti. Matti has created numerous illustrations for Helsingin Sanomat newspaper and children's book illustrations for publishers: Otava, Lasten Keskus and Tammi.

Jenni Rope
Jenni is an award-winning artist and designer. She works mainly in painting, mobile sculptures and public works. Her work has been seen in various solo exhibitions in Berlin, Tokyo, Marseille and Helsinki. She is known for her Napa Books publishing house, aswell as her artist and picture books that have been published by WSOY, Etana Editions and Rooftop Press.


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