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RUOSTE , 100% linen, design Anu Leinonen

Linen & Cotton Blankets

The light linen blankets are excellent examples of multi-functionality. Linen absorbs moisture in the heat and retains body heat in the cold, which makes it perfect to use as single sheet or light blanket throughout the year. They are also beautiful as tablecloths – or why not use them as space dividers?

KUKAT blanket/tablecloth white-black

Kukatblanket/ tablecloth

135,90  €
108,72  €
Product of the month
Eskimo blanket-tablecloth white-blueberry

Eskimoblanket/tablecloth - 50 %

135,90  €
67,95  €
Outgoing product
Ruoste cushion cover linen-blue-turquoise


155,00  €
New colours available
MAIJA blanket white-blueberry


114,90  €