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155,90  € 
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100% washed European Masters of linen -linen

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Size of bathrobe (cm):

Back length    Sleeve+shoulder     Bust

     109                        52                   142

Made out of 100% Masters of Linen long staple linen yarn, grown and spun in Europe according Öko-Tex standard. Yarns are dyed in Europe, mainly in Finland. Product development and design, material purchasing, bindings of the fabric and programming of the jacquard machine is done in own weaving mill in Finland. Warping, preparing, weaving, finishing, drying and fabric inspection is done in own weaving mill in Finland. Sewing in own daughter sewing company in Lithuania, in own weaving mill in Finland and in subsidiaries located nearby in Finland. Accessories come from Europe, mainly from Finland. Main part of production is made in Finland. Country of origin is Finland.

Care instructions

Wash separately at 60°C in plenty of water. 40°C is also an adequate wash temperature. We recommend a small amount of neutral washing powder. Avoid softener and bleach. Do not tumble dry. Normal spin cycle. Linen fibres may come off the product during the wash. Check the lint filter before and after washing.Iron the textil with linen settings. The colour of natural linen becomes lighter with washing.

Reviews (1)

Sain tämän kylpytakin syntymäpäivälahjaksi pari vuotta sitten. Takki on aivan ihana, käytän tätä kylpytakkina ja myös uimarannalla rantatakkina. Jos takkiin lisäisi taskut sivusaumoihin, arvosana olisi 10+ Pellava on upea materiaali, jolle aika tekee vain hyvää. Tämän voi hyvällä omalla tunnolla jättää perinnöksi.

Shipping & Payment

Shipping to Finland

  • Postal parcel, pick up from post office 9 €
  • Matkahuolto, Near parcel 9 €
  • Postal parcel to the doorstep 15 €
  • Matkahuolto, delivery parcel 15 €
  • Pick-up from the store 0 €

Shipping outside of Finland

  • UPS Standard -package 30 €
    United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Italy and France
  • DPD Classic -package 30 €
    Sweden, Germany and Denmark

Payment methods

  • Credit and debit cards:
    Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, American Express, Eurocard, Diners Club, JCB
  • Finnish online payments
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