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Tokyo Omotesando
Tokyo Omotesando


Lapuan Kankurit opened their first flagship store in Omotesando, Tokyo with their long-term distributor in the beginning of October 2019. With this store Lapuan Kankurit strengthen their presence in Japan and bring their company values and way of life closer to the customers.

"The opening of the store in Tokyo with our partner felt like a natural step," Marketing Director of Lapuan Kankurit Jaana Hjelt states.

"Japan is a significant market area for us, and our professional importer and several reliable partners are located here. Lapuan Kankurit opened a shop-in-shop in the Slowhouse store of Futago Tamagawa two years ago, and it was very well received. We now had the brilliant opportunity of opening Lapuan Kankurit flagship store in the distinguished area of Omotesando."

Trendy Omotesando is situated within walking distance from Shibya, the central shopping area in Tokyo. The store of Lapuan Kankurit is located by one of the charming little streets in this distinguished area.

"Omotesando has more peaceful and unique atmosphere, which suits us perfectly. Other Finnish brands, such as Marimekko and Artek, are also active in this area, and so it seemed the best place for us."

Biotope, the Japanese partner of Lapuan Kankurit, has put a lot of work into marketing and designing the new store. Lapuan Kankurit has a broad retailer network and great press visibility in Japan. Mana and Takashi Kobayashi from Tokyo have designed the store, as well as the stores of Lapuan Kankurit in Lapua and Helsinki. The fresh Scandinavian decoration in the Tokyo store displays Finnish materials and colours. The light wood and concrete are accompanied by furniture from Nikari and Gedigo. Apart from the product selection of Lapuan Kankurit, in the flagship store in Tokyo you will also find other Finnish lifestyle products.
"At the opening we displayed also the beautiful pottery of Marianne Huotari" Hjelt says.
"In addition, there is a small wash basin in the store so that you can try out different types of towels."

In the concept store, monthly events are arranged at which the products, history, production and designers of Lapuan Kankurit are presented, along with Finnish lifestyle and culture.

"We wish to offer our customers a complete Finland experience with attention to every detail," Hjelt explains. The high quality of Lapuan Kankurit products, and the transparency and responsibility of the production are appreciated in Japan. Also, the long history of Lapuan Kankurit as a Finnish family business and their successful co-operation with young designers interest the Japanese customers.

"The Japanese and the Finns are united by a similar fondness for aesthetics, as well as a sincere appreciation of nature and natural materials," Hjelt concludes. "The Finnish brands are enormous trendy here."


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