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Good Spirit Friday


Lapuan Kankurit celebrates with good deeds. Instead of Black Friday sales, the company's stores, outlet, Store & Studio, and online store celebrates Good Spirit Friday. On Friday, Lapuan Kankurit donates also this year part of all sales to the Hyvä Joulumieli campaign.

The Christmas Spirit fundraising campaign is run by the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare and the Finnish Red Cross together with the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle. Its purpose is to donate food vouchers to families with children, so they can buy food for Christmas. Lapuan Kankurit emphasises responsibility and sustainable development in everything they do. The company has celebrated Good Spirit Friday since year 2017 and aims to make it into a lasting tradition.

By 2021, we will have donated a total of EUR 8,500 to the campaign.


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