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  • Myyntipäivät 2018

Sales Days at Weaving Mill Fri 27–Sat 28.7.2018

The popular Summer event, where friends from far away meet while shopping meter ware, outlet, seconds and test items to extarordinary prizes!

Two days of music, coffee, lottery, fun and friends!

Our Weaving Mill is open Friday 27 July 9 am-7 pm and Saturday 28 July 9 am-5pm


  • Kutomo


Haemme kasvavaan joukkoomme Lapualle KUTOJAA

KUTOJA toimii osana kutomon tiimiä päätehtävänään kankaan kudonta Jacquard-kutomokoneilla. Arvostamme tarkkuutta sekä kykyä ja halua toimia pellava-ja villakutomon tuotantotehtävissä. Vakituinen työsuhde.

Kiinnostuitko? Lähetä hakemuksesi tehtävään palkkatoiveineen
15.4.2018 mennessä osoitteeseen tai
Rekry/Lapuan Kankurit Oy, Tervaspuuntie 1, 62100 LAPUA

Lisätietoja  Esko Hjelt 0500 463 084


  • TERVA kids bathrobe

Lapuan Kankurit welcomes spring with fresh colours and enjoys quality materials and design with the entire family

Lapuan Kankurit has developed a soft and highly absorbent textile that takes the pleasure of bathing to a whole new level.

Linen-tencel was innovated by Esko Hjelt, the managing director of Lapuan Kankurit, and it's the result of a long product development process. The new material offers superior quality and absorption, especially in bathing products. "The production process is very eco-friendly, conserving water and nature more effectively than many other materials. Both linen and Tencel, which is made from wood pulp, are natural products, and that's important to us", Esko says. The company introduced the new collection LAINE to accommodate their already popular TERVA bathing products. LAINE includes bath towels with fringes, as well as charming ponchos for the sauna. "Linen-tencel is considerably softer and more absorbent than cotton, for example", Esko explains.

This spring, the popular TERVA collection expands to children's bathing products. The collection includes towels, adorable hooded bathrobes, and ONNI linen slippers for children. "Linen-tencel has been popular in families with children, and clients have long requested children's bathrobes", Marketing Manager Jaana Hjelt says. The fun ELÄINTEN SAUNA seat cover by Matti Pikkujämsä got a beautiful new shade of grey. The short chain between the Lapuan Kankurit weaving mill and clients ensures that information travels quickly and effortlessly in both directions. "Client feedback and wishes are important to us and help us develop our collection in the right direction."

The different linen products of Lapuan Kankurit celebrate spring in beautiful new shades.

The gorgeous SADE pattern by Aoi Yoshizawa got new shades of linen and pink, and the pattern is fun to combine with linen-tencel products. SADE towels, the fresh white-striped USVA textiles by Anu Leinonen and the MERU towels designed by Mifuko are made from linen that is 100 % cultivated and spun in Europe. "Linen is an ecological choice. Ground water is saved, since linen requires no irrigation. Instead, it uses rainwater to grow", Jaana says. An equal amount of cotton would require hundreds of cubic metres of irrigation and five times more fertiliser. "The cultivation of linen maintains the healthy diversity of the ecosystem", she emphasises. Friends of linen terry cloth have not been forgotten either: the popular VIILU collection is now available in a beautiful wooden grey.

Lapuan Kankurit continues cooperation with the John Nurminen Foundation and the AALLONMURTAJA bath textiles now have a new turquoise colour. The foundation's Clean Baltic Sea projects advance the protection of the joint, unique marine environment, so the cooperation is a natural part of the activities of a responsible design weaving mill. Colours of spring shine in the MESI pattern of Young Designer of the Year 2017 Reeta Ek, the RUUT pattern of Heini Riitahuhta and the KUKAT textiles by Makoto Kagoshima.

Our talented designer Reeta Ek's beautiful, light-coloured MESI wool blanket continues the Scandinavian style that she is known for. RUUT and KUKAT in a beautiful light pink bring the joy of florals to spring. While developing KUKAT, Japanese designer Makoto Kagoshima learned about floral patterns and traditional Finnish textiles: the modern KUKAT design combines traditional Finnish craftsmanship with a modern twist. An entire life is woven into RUUT's pattern. The images are a continuation through the years as Heini Riitahuhta's children grew up. "I wanted RUUT to be cozy like a patchwork blanket, just like life. I drew themes that are related to flowers and growth to reflect the shared period of life between mother and daughter", the designer explains. "I see the growth of an important person similarly to a flower in bloom – and of course there are always hidden parts that I can't ever truly know."

Teemu Järvi is an artist and designer who specialises in wilderness themes. This spring, his new HYTTYNEN and KARHU kitchen textiles take you into the Finnish forest. Mifuko has designed beautiful new linen scarves, fun summery bags, and other new products.

You will find us from the following exhibitions during spring 2018:

19–23.1.2018 Maison et Objet, Paris, Hall 7 NOW! stand F 199
24–26.1.2018 Oslo Design Fair, Lilleström, Sol Tekstil stand C 05-09
09–13.2.2018 Ambiente, Frankfurt, Hall 11.0 stand B 40
13–15.5.2018 Pulse, London, stand J 38

Over 50 % of Lapuan Kankurit net revenue is comprised out of exports. Global strengths of the Finnish linen and wool weaving mill, in addition to Scandinavian top design, are technical innovations, natural materials and the weaving mill's responsible and ecological operations.

  • Good Karma Friday


Lapuan Kankurit celebrates with good deeds. Instead of Black Friday sales, the company's stores, outlet, Store & Studio, and online store celebrated Good Karma Friday. On November 24th, Lapuan Kankurit donated 20 percent of all sales to the Hyvä Joulumieli campaign. The Christmas Spirit fundraising campaign is run by the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare and the Finnish Red Cross together with the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle. Its purpose is to donate food vouchers to families with children, so they can buy food for Christmas. Lapuan Kankurit emphasises responsibility and sustainable development in everything they do. The company also celebrated Good Karma Friday last year, and aims to make it into a lasting tradition.

  • AALLONMURTAJA, design Reeta Ek for a Clean Baltic Sea

Lapuan Kankurit helping the Baltic Sea 2017-2018

The linen and wool weaving mill Lapuan Kankurit has begun a cooperation with the John Nurminen Foundation. The Foundation's Clean Baltic Sea projects advance the protection of the joint, unique marine environment, so a cooperation is a natural part of the activities of a responsible, design weaving mill using natural materials.

The new Lapuan Kankurit AALLONMURTAJA (breakwater) collection is designed by Reeta Ek. The nautical series designed in shades of blue includes a linen towel, a hand towel, a bag, as well as a sauna seat cover and pillow. The products include the Clean Baltic Sea – Woven in Finland 2017 logo, and Lapuan Kankurit donates a fixed sum to John Nurminen Foundation's Clean Baltic Sea projects for each delivered product. The donated amounts are marked in the Lapuan Kankurit online shop, and on the product cards in the shops.

Esko Hjelt, Managing Director of Lapuan Kankurit, is happy about the new cooperation.

– Our customers value clean nature, and they identify Lapuan Kankurit as a responsible, ecological operator. Now, we want to invite everyone to do small good deeds for the good of the nature. By buying AALLONMURTAJA bath products, it is easy to support the wellbeing of the Baltic Sea. Hopefully future generations will get to enjoy the natural clean waters as well, says Hjelt.

Minna Korpela, Fundraising Director of John Nurminen Foundation, is delighted about the new cooperation possibilities in the field of international design.

– The support of Lapuan Kankurit in the projects aiming to reduce the nutrient load of the Sea helps us lessen the amount of blue-green algae that comes about every summer. Bathing and sauna products also act as a great messenger: you want to take a dip in the water when the water is clean, and this is our joint goal.

Over 50 % of Lapuan Kankurit net revenue is comprised out of exports. Global strengths of the Finnish linen and wool weaving mill, in addition to Scandinavian top design, are technical innovations, natural materials and the weaving mill's responsible and ecological operations.

The John Nurminen Foundation's Clean Baltic Sea projects improve the status of the Baltic Sea with concrete measures that reduce the nutrient load and environmental risks faced by the Sea. 25 projects have been launched between 2005-2016 in Northwest Russia, Poland, the Baltics and Belarus. 17 of the projects have been completed, and as their result, the Sea's annual phosphorus load has reduced by over 2000 tons. The Local Fishing Project, launched in 2015, as well as the NutriTrade and BEST projects continue to cut down the Sea's nutrient load. Funding for the Clean Baltic Sea projects is received from private donations and public funding.

See all AALLONMURTAJA products



Taiteilija saa luonnosta voimaa

Taiteilija ja muotoilija Teemu Järvi on suunnitellut Lapuan Kankureille useita luontoaiheisia tuotteita vuoden 2017 mallistoon. Järven elämässä luonto on läsnä kokonaisvaltaisesti, niin innoittajana kuin työvälineiden lähteenäkin.

Luonto rauhoittumisen paikkana
Teemu Järvi on suunnitellut Lapuan Kankureille useita keittiötekstiilejä. Eläinaiheiset KETTU, PORO ja HUUHKAJA on kudottu keittiöpyyhkeisiin ja essuihin. Kaitaliina KÄPY puolestaan muistuttaa huolettomuudesta ja luonnollisuudesta. "Malli näyttää siltä, kuin pöydälle olisi rennosti ja väljästi ripoteltu käpyjä", taiteilija kuvailee. kestävä kulutus yhdistää Järven töitä ja Lapuan Kankureiden arvomaailmaa – tekstiilit on tehty kestämään sukupolvelta toiselle.

"Meillä on ollut vuosia jo myynnissä Teemun luontoaiheisia kortteja ja julisteita", kertoo Lapuan Kankureiden markkinointijohtaja Jaana Hjelt. Luonnon arvostus ja Järven intohimo työhönsä ovat hänen mukaansa erinomainen lähtökohta yhteistyölle. "Teemun luontoaiheiset kuosit istuvat loistavasti mallistoomme", Hjelt sanoo. "Tuotteillamme on aina ollut läheinen luontosuhde niin materiaaleissa, kuoseissa kuin väreissäkin."

Teemu Järvelle luonto on rauhoittumispaikka – paikka, jossa lapsenkaltainen ilo on läsnä. "Moderni kaupunkielämä muuttuu vauhdilla. Luonnossa asiat saavat perspektiivin." Luonnossa Järven ajatukset ja luovuus saavat tilaa kehittyä rauhassa. Häntä kiinnostavat myös erilaiset luontouskomukset. "Kaiken muun tekemisen kyseenalaistan, mutta luonnossa olemista en. Se tuntuu luonnolliselta ja hyvältä", hän kuvailee.

Luonto työvälineenä
Lapuan Kankureiden tuotteet on tehty aidoista luonnonmateriaaleista ympäristöä kunnioittaen. Myös Järvi käyttää luonnonmateriaaleja työvälineinään: hän piirtää ruokokynillä ja kiinantussilla. "Muuten olen kontrollifriikki, mutta rakastuin siihen, että tussin kanssa sattuma on aina läsnä", Järvi sanoo. Hän käyttää kyniensä materiaalina järviruokoa bambun sijaan. "Sillä saa vielä hienompaa jälkeä. Tuntuu siltä, että piirtää luontoa itse luonnolla."

  • Mifuko, TSAVO and MERU

Kenialainen luonto innoittaa suomalaismuotoilijoita

Lapuan Kankurit on aloittanut yhteistyön designyritys Mifukon kanssa keväällä 2017. Suomalaiset tekstiilitaiteilijat löytävät innoituksensa luonnosta sekä Suomessa että Keniassa.

Pohjanmaa ja Kenia kohtaavat
Yhteistyö Lapuan Kankureiden ja Mifukon välillä sai alkunsa messuilla. Mifukon perustajat Minna Impiö ja Mari Martikainen kävivät aluksi tutustumassa Kankureiden toimintaan. "Tekstiilisuunnittelijan näkökulmasta on hienoa, että Lapualla on yritys, joka valmistaa tuotteita ja on myös kansainvälinen", Martikainen sanoo. "On hienoa tehdä yhteistyötä yrityksen kanssa, jolla on samanlainen arvopohja kuin meillä." Impiö lisää, että Lapuan Kankureiden kudontatekniikka oli myös Mifukolle hieno lähtökohta työn tekemiseen. "Koen, että molemmat yritykset ovat inspiroituneet toisistaan", Martikainen täydentää.

Lapuan Kankureiden markkinointijohtaja Jaana Hjelt kertoo, että yhteistyö on avannut uusia mahdollisuuksia. "Värimaailma on erilainen, kuin mitä Kankureiden mallistossa on ennen nähty", hän sanoo. Erityisen tärkeänä Hjelt pitää Lapuan Kankureiden ja Mifukon yhteistä arvomaailmaa. "Me kaikki arvostamme aitoja asioita ja sitä, että tuotteen tekijöillä on kasvot."

Lapuan Kankureille Mifuko on suunnitellut TSAVO ja MERU -pellavamalliston, jonka designissa yhdistyvät suomalainen muotokieli ja kenialainen värimaisema. Pellavamalliston innoituksena toimivat Kenian vaihtuvat maisemat rannikoineen, ylänköineen, vuoristoineen ja savanneineen. Suunnitteluvaiheessa Impiö ja Martikainen vierailivat myös luonnonpuistossa. "Ylipäätään valo on Keniassa hyvin erilainen", Martikainen kuvailee. Kenian värien ja maisemien lisäksi myös suomalainen luonto innoittaa Mifukon tekstiilisuunnittelua. Myös yhtymäkohtia on: "Savannimaisema on oikeastaan peltomaisema, se muistuttaa Pohjanmaasta", Impiö sanoo..

Suunnittelu syntyy yhteistyönä
Tekstiilitaiteilijat Martikainen ja Impiö perustivat Mifukon vuonna 2009. Reilun Kaupan periaatteiden mukaan toimiva yritys työllistää tällä hetkellä viisisataa kenialaista käsityöläistä. Perinteisen käsityön arvostus yhdistää heitä ja Lapuan Kankureita. Impiön ja Martikaisen suunnitteluprosessi alkaa tuotteen materiaalin ja tekniikan valinnalla, minkä jälkeen he luonnostelevat ideoita paperille. "On meille ilon aihe, että suunnittelemme tuotteet yhdessä", Martikainen sanoo. "Kahdestaan pääsee helpommin eteenpäin", Impiö täydentää.

  • Kutomon laajennus
  • Kutomon laajennus

Lapuan Kankurit to make a 2 million euro investment in Finland in 2016-2018

This innovative export company is making a massive investment of 2 million euros at its weaving mill in Lapua 2016-2018. By doing so, Lapuan Kankurit is proving that the textile industry in Finland is alive and well.

Esko Hjelt, the CEO of Lapuan Kankurit, is putting corporate responsibility into action and believes that the inspiring story of Finnish know-how will bear fruit worldwide. His belief is backed up by hard facts: over the last accounting period alone, the company's exports grew by 50%, and now make up more than half of its revenue of 5 million euros. The company's designer textiles are selling particularly well in Asia and Central Europe.

"We stand out in the global market, because we have woven truly forward-looking characteristics into our fabrics and we offer high-quality, well-finished designs. Our whole business concept is based on our own production, continuous product development, cooperation with top designers and our own technical innovations," says Hjelt.

Known for their beautiful bathroom, place setting and wool products, Lapuan Kankurit have received awards over the last couple of years for their Dora Jung damask tablecloths and napkins, their washed linen, their absorbent bathroom textiles made of a mix of linen and tencel, and their new kinds of light-weight wool blankets, to name just a few. In 2014, the company won the esteemed Taito-Finlandia Award.

Large investments bring jobs for locals

To ensure continuous product development and growth, the family business with 5 million euros of revenue wants to invest 2 million euros specifically in Finland over the next two years.

"We will be investing in our core know-how: the extension of the weaving mill in Lapua, the preliminary work stages of weaving, new jacquard looms, fabric finishes and data transfer," Hjelt explains.

The European suppliers of the weaving mill's machinery and equipment are an important part of Lapuan Kankurit's network of partners. Together with local mechanical engineering and installation experts in South Ostrobothnia, the machine manufacturers make a valuable contribution to product innovations at the company's weaving mill in Lapua. The investments will expand the mill by about a third, with a local building company in charge of the construction. In terms of building materials and equipment, Lapuan Kankurit puts its trust in Finnish suppliers. The neighbouring area has plenty of building expertise and building material and equipment industry on offer.

In 2015 Lapuan Kankurit moved their factory outlet into larger, stunning facilities at the Cultural Centre Vanha Paukku, located in an old factory in Lapua, and their flagship shop in Helsinki to new, larger facilities on Katariinankatu. In 2016 the company upgraded its website and started a factory extension.

Skilful workers and traceability

Textile companies that purchase their production tend to decentralise their manufacture, making it a long global chain, but as Lapuan Kankurit own their own production facilities they do not have to do this. In order to ensure the traceability of the whole chain of production, Lapuan Kankurit intend to keep control of their operations also in the future, from yarn to ready products.

The raw material can make or break the end product.

"We know the makers of our products and we are proud of their expertise. As well as our own professionals, our certified European yarn suppliers play an important role in our product development. The linen fibre we use is 100% European, and our yarn is dyed in our European yarn suppliers' own dye-houses and domestically in our neighbouring municipality of Lappajärvi," Hjelt explains.

The most important part of the textile production, i.e. weaving, mainly takes place at the company's own factory in Lapua. Assembly by sewing is performed in weaving mill and at their subcontracted sewing shops in the neighbouring area and at their associated company's premises in Lithuania. In addition to the 25 experts at their own weaving mill, Lapuan Kankurit has a wide network of professionals in Finland, including suppliers of equipment and material, and also experts in marketing and technology.

"Although we operate globally these days, we want to continue to provide employment for people in Finland and in this way to implement our corporate responsibility," says Hjelt. "I firmly believe that the basic concepts behind Lapuan Kankurit's business operations will carry us through also in the future: keeping control of our own production, continuous product development, our own technical innovations and collaboration with top designers."

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