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ONLINE SALES DAYS 4.8 - 6.8.2021

Our weaving has turned into a shop during SALES DAYS already over 20 years. The weaving mill is usually filled with last season's products, second qualities, left overs and test series of our products. Unfortunately also during summer 2021, due to COVID-19 situation, we will not be able to arrange this popular Summer event.

However, we will do the SALES DAYS online during 4.8-6.8.2021. During the Sales Days we also offer online our left overs, trials and products out of collection. We also offer -20% off normal priced products, except bathrobes, in our own shops as well as online.

We hope, that we are able to arrange open doors in our weaving mill again in July 2022.

Until then, STAY SAFE!





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