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We at Lapuan Kankurit enjoy when people reach out and interact with one another. We value that interaction and feel that it is exactly how we like to run our own business, as we place that same value within our doors and hope to create a warm and familial atmosphere.

Lapuan Kankurit has a staff of about 30 people, each of whom plays an important role in creating our high quality products. We are bound together in our know-how and all of the learned practices of decades of inherited knowledge within the communality of our family business. We know each other and we value authenticity and traceability. We also think it is important that our customers get to know the people who make the products they buy. That's how we change the world into one with more transparency and sincerity.

We will inform here about our next OPEN DOORS date.

We can also arrange tours for groups at other times, please contact for more information

Welcome to visit us!



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