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Lapuan Kankurit continues to invest in Finnish sheep's wool. With the wool spinning plant under construction, we can control the entire production chain of wool ourselves and make unique product development with Finnish wool. At the same time, we take responsibility for transferring know-how to future generations.

Lapuan Kankurit will build a new production facility in Lapua in 2021-2022 – not just one, but two – next to the Finnish sheep's wool weaving and finishing line comes also spinning mill. "Thanks to our own spinning mill, we can make a completely new kind of comprehensive product development with Finnish sheep's wool". 

"It is also worth being able to show young students, for example, a wool product throughout the production chain in our own premises. From wool fibre to the finished product. Only wool washing is done elsewhere for the time being." Maintaining and developing the Finnish textile tradition has always been an important value for us. The project is also strongly motivated by the fact that until now up to half of Finnish sheep's wool has been wasted.

A new life for the machines of SUUPOHJAN KEHRUUTEHDAS sinning factory. Lapuan Kankurit acquired the spinning wool yarn machines from Teuva, Suupohja's spinning factory, which has not had operations for years. The equipment is serviced and modernized. For the needs of Finnish sheep wool from Lapuan Kankurit, the machines are suitable size. When approximately 130,000 kilos of different yarns are used annually in our modern weaving, Finnish sheep wool initially accounts for about 10,000 kg per year.

We buy and pick up Finnish sheep wool directly from nearby lamps, make it as yarn and weave it into interior products in Lapua. The new production facilities will be completed during spring 2022, and Lapuan Kankurit aims to bring the first products woven from its own Finnish sheep's wool yarn for sale on a fast schedule already in autumn 2022. Lapuan Kankurit is Finland's leading manufacturer of interior textiles in Finland and wants to lead the way in the responsible utilisation of Finnish wool.


We buy good and clean Finnsheep kainuunharmas and Texel sheep's wool.

Please contact or Esko Hjelt 0500-463084 for more information


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