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Ostoskorisi on tyhjä.
Breakfast in bed

Gathering around the breakfast table

What better way to begin a beautiful day than by enjoying a delicious breakfast?

In Finland, breakfast time is filled with wonderful flavours and natural ingredients. Enjoying a hearty breakfast offers a moment's pause before the hustle and bustle of the day and keeps you full well into lunchtime.

Coffee and tea are the staples of breakfast and Finns love their warm drinks in the morning. A steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee or tea is both comforting and energising. The scent of coffee lingering in the air wakes up the rest of the family and invites everyone to gather around the table.

Finnish breakfast often consists of open sandwiches, porridge, dairy products, and fresh fruit and berries. Rye bread is common in many Finnish homes, as are Karelian pasties. They are rye-crusted pasties filled with rice or mashed potato that are often served with munavoi, butter mixed with chopped hard-boiled eggs and seasoned with salt.

Summer in Finland might be short, but its flavours last all year round. Many Finns still pick their own berries for the freezer or boil seasonal fruit into jam. Bilberries, lingonberries, raspberries, and strawberries are a staple in many Finnish homes and give an energising boost to mornings everywhere.

Although breakfast is everyday routine, it also has a place in Finnish celebrations. Christmas Eve morning is welcomed with rice porridge and birthdays often begin with enjoying breakfast together. In May, mothers across the country pretend to be asleep while the rest of the family prepares breakfast for them – a beautiful start to a beautiful day.

Models The Åman Family
Text Aino Hyyryläinen
Photo Katja Lösönen


Lapuan Kankurit KUUSI blanket photo credit Anton Kalland

Wool is wonderful outdoors

Lapuan Kankurit OTSO blanket photo credit Anton Kalland

The versatile wool blanket

Lapuan Kankurit Elina Helenius

Innovations for the future

Lapuan Kankurit Esko Hjelt

Innovations for the future

Lapuan Kankurit finnish sheep wool

Investing in high-quality Finnsheep wool

photograph by jopsu ramu lapuan kankurit nyytti towels

Dreaming in Iceland

lapuan kankurit linen towels

Love for linen

lapuan kankurit lempi linen scarf

Wild about greens

Aoi Yoshizawa picture by lotta djupsund

Horizon views

lapuan kankurit USVA cushion cover and USVA blanket

Designs for a lifetime



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