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Brand appreciation Survey

Lapuan Kankurit - The most recommended brand of 2020
The survey of economic research - Taloustutkimus, included 536 brands, and Lapuan Kankurit was the most recommended brand with NPS result +52. The NPS number shows how likely a user would recommend a brand to a friend. The second most recommended was Moccamaster with a result of +50. A warm thank you to our customers for this result and for every recommendation! We will continue to do everything we can to be worth of your kind words.

Lapuan Kankurit - number one in customer satisfaction index measurement 2020

The second most recommended was Kolmen kaverin jäätelö and the third one was Fiskars. 536 brands were involved in the measurement of economic research - Taloustutkimus. We are proud and happy that Lapuan Kankurit is appreciated precisely among its users. Thank You!


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