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The 100 Years of Craftsmanship

In 1917 Juho Annala, the grandfather of Juha Hjelt, founded a felt boot factory in Lapua, Finland. In the 30's, Juha's father and uncle bought first weaving machines, and industrial weaving began. This was the beginning of the story of Lapuan Kankurit.


We love snow and the Finnish winter! Cold or warm – you can always celebrate the world’s best pure organic materials; wool and linen.


How could the Nordic people ever survive without warm wool? Pure new wool is a 100% organic material which we use to weave stylish blankets, shawls and scarfs.


Crispy autumn evenings are a perfect time to gather around the table with your loved ones. We wish to inspire you – see how cosy our multiuse kitchen textiles are!


This is what Finnish summer is all about. It consists of your loved ones, lazy days, clean nature and the wonderful organic materials linen and wool.

Weaving Mill

Our own weaving mill in Lapua, Finland, is our heart. Our great professionals make it happen every day; they guarantee that you get the best possible product.


From the weavers of good life
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