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Lapuan Kankurit Samu-Jussi Koski
Lapuan Kankurit Samu-Jussi Koski
Lapuan Kankurit Samu-Jussi Koski


The last few years have brought tremendous changes into the life of Samu-Jussi Koski. He parted ways with his brand, Samuji, to focus on designing smaller collections for Finnish companies, and to discover what other possibilities life would have in store. One such avenue, costuming theatre productions for the Helsinki City Theatre, is what brought SamuJussi and Lapuan Kankurit together.

– I’ve held a deep admiration for Lapuan Kankurit for the longest time. I had met Jaana during my time in Samuji. Though we had talked about working together, the idea truly gained momentum when we met by chance when she came to see a theatre production I had designed the costumes for, Samu-Jussi shares.

Jaana Hjelt, the co-owner of Lapuan Kankurit, remembers the night well. – I spent the whole musical admiring the enchantingly simplistic costuming, becoming surer by the second that we simply had to work together. We agreed to meet up afterwards, and soon enough Samu-Jussi was touring our production line in Lapua. From the beginning it felt like we had a connection, an ease with which we cooperate. We all respect each other’s expertise, and this is the key to a fruitful collaboration.

The chance to try his hand at creating textile patterns was welcomed by the self-processed “eternally curious” Samu-Jussi. – The thing that inspires me the most in this line of work is novelty. I’m forever driven to experience new things, to create something unique. Still, the goal is always the same. I consciously avoid following trends and, instead, aim to create beautiful everyday products that people can actually use and feel good about.

According to Samu-Jussi, a collaboration with Lapuan Kankurit felt natural due to their shared values and mindset. The interest in fashion that drove him to pursue his chosen career has, with time, developed into a true reverence for sustainable, beautiful, highquality designs that stands the test of time both in quality and style. – The material is the key. I am endlessly inspired by the possibilities of the material I’m working with.

The collection with Lapuan Kankurit was born from the love Samu-Jussi has for the capital city of Finland. It’s both an ode to his beloved Helsinki as well as the ideal of it. The designs, called TÖÖLÖ, MERIHAKA, KAAPELITEHDAS and HIETSU, named after important districts and neighbourhoods, play around with the scales and proportions of the windows and architecture of the city that holds a dear place in Samu-Jussi’s heart.

And what chances might tomorrow bring? – I’d love to collaborate more with Lapuan Kankurit. Beyond that, I hope that we, as a society, keep progressing in a more mindful direction and don’t regress. I welcome the change we have witnessed in the past years in our industry, how nowadays the quality and origin of your chosen materials genuinely matter. I must keep faith that, ultimately, we understand what’s best for our world. In this Lapuan Kankurit is the true forerunner, who keeps creating change for the benefit of us all.


Text Jenna Suomela Photo Viola Virtamo

TÖÖLÖ scarf | Lapuan Kankurit

TÖÖLÖ blanket | Lapuan Kankurit

HIETSU towel | Lapuan Kankurit

MERIHAKA linen tunic | Lapuan Kankurit

MERIHAKA linen shorts | Lapuan Kankurit

MERIHAKA linen pants | Lapuan Kankurit

MERIHAKA linen shirt | Lapuan Kankurit

MERIHAKA scarf | Lapuan Kankurit

KAAPELITEHDAS linen bathrobe | Lapuan Kankurit



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