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USVA tablecloth

Tablecloths & Napkins

Kitchen is the heart of your home and there is no right or wrong way to use our multifunctional products. Invite friends to a relaxed Sunday brunch – 100% washed linen tablecloths are washed at our weaving mill in Lapua in order to be especially easy to take care of. Wrinkles are part of their beauty and charm, and give them a contemporary look suitable for all stylish homes. Or do you rather fancy to take out your finest porcelains on an ordinary Thursday and enjoy that fine jacquard linen tablecloth shimmer in the sun? Everything is up to you. We want to offer soul wellness for you: natural materials and sustainable design, which will make you happy for decades. Lapuan Kankurit weaves a tale of genuine values, responsible consumption and respect for nature.

Ruoste blanket/tablecloth linen-red-grey


155,00  € 
New colours available


19,90  € 


189,00  € 
KAARNA tablecloth light olive

Kaarnatablecloth. Outgoing colours: pale-mauve & graphite -50%

262,00  € 
131,00  € 
Outgoing colours
USVA tablecloth/ blanket linen-white

Usvatablecloth/blanket. Outgoing colours: linen-red -50%

135,90  € 
67,95  € 
Outgoing colours
Usva napkin rust


12,50  € 

100 Ruusuanapkin

19,90  € 


19,90  € 


11,50  € 
KEHRÄ tablecloth


105,90  € 


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