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The art of design

The cooperation between Lapuan Kankurit and a designer is based on a shared vision of the nature and timelessness of the textiles. All our designers share a strong sense professionalism and the ability to create functional and beautiful textiles for today’s consumers.

Dora Jung
“More beauty for everyday lives in Finnish homes.”
Elina Airikkala
The texture in some textiles creates the warm feeling against our skin like a friendly hug.
Elina Helenius
"My aim is to create timeless, emotional and useful things."
Eri Shimatsuka
"The small happiness of daily life inspires me"
Matilda Palmu photo Sampo Leiniitty
"hey, smile, it's not so serious"
"The varying landscapes and colours of Kenya are a constant source of inspiration."
Reeta Ek
Young Designer of the Year 2017
"Intohimonamme on maailman parhaiden tekstiilien kehittäminen."
Teemu Järvi
"I want to capture that moment of coming face to face with a wild animal, because it’s over in an instant"


From the weavers of good life
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