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HANKI seat cover

Sauna Covers & Sauna Pillows

We are the experts in sauna culture – and therefore experts in bathing! Whether your sauna is sparkling white and modern, or a traditional wooden sauna, we have just the right textiles for you. Make your spa experience perfect with stylish sauna covers and soft sauna pillows ­– you can even spice it up by hanging another cover to protect the wall. With myriads of colours and timeless design, the ecological, natural materials is the best your sauna can get. All made in Finland. 

P.S. Why not spread a long sauna cover on dinner table, or use smaller covers for tablets or towels? Sauna pillow is a great comfort also in your car. Use your imagination with our multiuse products!

METSÄ sauna cover grey

Metsäsauna cover

16,90  € 
SADE sauna pillow white-turquoise

Sadesauna pillow

28,90  € 
SADE sauna cover white-turquoise

Sadesauna cover

14,90  € 

Viilusauna pillow

28,90  € 
VIILU sauna cover white-grey

Viilusauna cover

14,90  € 
Hanki sauna cover/runner

Hankisauna cover. Outgoing size: 46x60cm -50%

15,90  € 
7,95  € 
Outgoing size
KOIVU sauna pillow white-black

Koivusauna pillow

28,90  € 
KOIVU seat cover white-black

Koivusauna cover

14,90  € 
PARE sauna pillow

Päresauna pillow

28,90  € 
PARE seat cover white-black

Päresauna cover

14,90  € 
PAANU sauna pillow black-brown

Paanusauna pillow

28,90  € 
New colours available
PAANU seat cover black-linen

Paanusauna cover

14,90  € 
New colours available



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