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We are the fourth generation of weavers in our family. When Esko’s grandfather acquired the first industrial weaving looms in the 1930s, Finland was still a relatively poor country. Household textiles were cherished valuables and they were durable and made to stand the test of time. In those days beautiful textiles could be passed on to the next generation.

To create long-lasting products is still the starting point for our production. We are just living in different times and need to address the great challenge of our times, the excessive consumption of natural resources. We take a stand against nature-consuming and short-lived production.

We are known for making our decisions using our heart and by placing people first. Everything we do is transparent. Since we manufacture our own products, we are able to make sure our employees receive fair treatment and pay. We use natural nordic materials such as linen and wool. And, we know where the materials come from. We are guided by the thought that we are weaving a good life for people around the world. With this responsibility report we want to walk you through the concrete actions we take.
The responsibility manifest of Lapuan Kankurit along with our promises to the consumers and to our partners is featured below. It is followed by a description of how products are created. We will describe our process from the flax field to the conception of a product design all the way to the end user. We will demonstrate how we have incorporated responsibility in every step of the way.  

We want to pass on a lasting legacy for generations to come.
Jaana and Esko Hjelt,
Weavers in fourth generation

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