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ONNI slippers

Wash Mitts & Slippers

Linen terry wash mitts are just the right choice for dry massage, washing and exfoliating the skin. Just the right amount of coarseness invigorates the surface circulation and exfoliates gently. Linen terry wash mitts dries fast after use and stays fresh long.


Kivisoap scrub mitt

9,90  € 

Kivishower puff

12,90  € 

Viiluback rub

18,90  € 

Viiluwash mitten

11,50  € 
ONNI wash mitten black-linen

Onniwash mitten

11,50  € 

Meriwash mitten

11,50  € 
MERI back rub white-linen-black

Meriback rub

18,90  € 
ONNI slippers black-linen


35,90  € 


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