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lapuan kankurit lewa beach


In 2021 we want to praise the joy in the little moments of life!

Let’s celebrate the things that bring happiness into our everyday moments. Whatever it might be in your life, weaving, design, decorating, picking herbs or dancing on the beach. 

Our new Way of Living magazine is guiding you to year 2021 with joy and happiness;
Way of Living SS21

We are happy to welcome the new designer team Kaksikko, who have designed the beautiful and classic LINNEA pattern for us.⁠ Minna and Mari from Mifuko bring us the warm yet fresh colours of Kenya, but also a reminder of traditional Finnish embroidery to our new WATAMU and LEWA collections.⁠
Aoi Yoshizawa got inspired at Harakka island and we are pleased to introduce a new SAARI pattern to our collection!⁠ We also got a new design for the spring 2021 from Matti Pikkujämsä, full and lively VILLIYRTIT is woven on blankets and towels in wonderful colour combinations.⁠
As part of our inhouse design team, Elina Helenius has designed PAUSSI and LAUANTAI patterns for us, finishing the spring collection with warm and relaxing moments in sauna.⁠

The new collection will be available in stores and online during the spring 2021!⁠

lapuan kankurit METSÄ sauna pillow

Metsäjacquard woven linen-cotton sauna pillow

29,90  € 
23,92  € 
Product of the month -20%
lapuan kankurit metsa linen-cotton sauna cover white-black

Metsäjaqcuard woven linen-cotton sauna cover

15,90  € 
12,72  € 
Product of the month -20%
HALAUS linen scarf

Halauslinen scarf is soft choice for summer!

37,90  € 
New colours available


From the weavers of good life