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Teemu Järvi
Teemu Järvi

The Wonders of Wilderness

Artist and designer Teemu Järvi's work captures the wild simplicity of nature.

Teemu Järvi describes his work as observing and interpreting nature. "I want to capture that moment of coming face to face with a wild animal, because it's over in an instant", he says.

The animals may run away, but drawing them captures the childlike wonder Teemu says is present whenever he's in nature. Some of these moments are also captured in the kitchen textiles he designed for Lapuan Kankurit. "I'm the type who questions everything. But I don't question nature", he says.

Teemu's background in furniture design is still visible in his work. "I'm interested in the entire process from idea to finished product", he says. His designs are always part of a whole, which also reflects his relationship with the forests and lakes of Finland. "Nature can deepen our understanding of ourselves."

Teemu's passion for nature also fuels his cooperation with Lapuan Kankurit. His illustrations are combined with natural materials, which gives them a uniquely authentic feeling: the textiles are made to last for generations. "I wanted the KÄPY table runner to look like someone just scattered pinecones on the table", Teemu describes one of his designs. Lapuan Kankurit has known Teemu for several years and praise him for his passion and commitment to his work. Valuing nature and sustainability connects the designer with Lapuan Kankurit, whose products are known for natural colours, materials, and designs.

Teemu utilises tools that also celebrate Finnish nature. "I use reed pens and ink", he explains. While he says he usually likes order and coherence, he enjoys the mystique these tools enable. "I fell in love with chance. You can't fix ink and I find that's where I take risks", he ponders. Teemu describes himself as a hunter-gatherer – an aspect he also embraces in his work. Instead of bamboo, his pens are made with Finnish reed. "I feel like I'm drawing nature with nature itself", he describes his work.

"I'm happiest when I'm roaming in wilderness", Teemu Järvi says. For him, nature is – and has been ever since he was a child – a place where his thoughts and creativity can develop in peace. He finds switching from the fast-paced urban life to a calm state of creativity requires effort. Spending time in nature takes him back to a simple way of living.

"Urban life is constantly changing. That's why roaming in nature feels so grounding", he says. "Things don't require immediate reaction." He may be an adult now, but for him, being in nature is the same it's always been.

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