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Lapuan Kankurit vuoden brändi 2022
Lapuan Kankurit vuoden brändi 2022


We were honoured to win the brand of the year award by the Finnish chamber of commerce.

For the third year, the Chamber of Commerce awarded the brand of the year. This year the award was won by Lapuan kankurit, a family business with a 100 year history of weaving. The choice was reasoned with strong values and transparency in sustainability actions.

Lapuan Kankurit is well known for its high quality linen and wool textiles. The company weaves the majority of their products in their own weaving mill in Lapua. Lapuan Kankurit has a flagship stores in Helsinki and Tokyo but also a factory outlet in Lapua.

"Customer experience at Lapuan Kankurit and competitive advantage are built on strong values and sustainable actions. The company's actions and marketing is consistent and carries through with the values." says Marina Vahtola, the chairman of the award board.


The Award was announced at the Suuri brändipäivä event, organised by the Chamber of Commerce on Thursday 7th of April 2022.


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