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Cookie policy

Use of cookies in Lapuan Kankurit Oy’s web service

Our web service uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is saved in the user’s computer, phone or tablet. Cookies are commonly used to ensure optimal website operation and to technically enable certain features, such as logging in. Cookies can also be used to relay information to site owners.

Deleting and preventing cookies

If you want, you can delete existing cookies with your browser or prevent them altogether, for example by using the site in a private browsing mode (also known as Incognito). Some of the site features, such as creating a user account and logging in and placing orders in the online store require that you have cookies enabled to work.

Types of cookies

Our site uses various types of cookies:

1) Session-specific cookies
Stored in the memory while the browser is open but destroyed immediately when the browser is closed. Session cookies are used for storing only technical information regarding the browser’s settings, ensuring that the site works in different browser environments. No user-identifying data is stored in session-specific cookies.

2) Tracking cookies

Our website uses Google Analytics, which facilitates the monitoring of the use of the site and enables its further development. Cookies collect basic information about users' online behavior anonymously. The information stored in cookies is transferred to Google.

According to the Google Analytics Terms of Service, Google will not associate the IP addresses of registrants with any other data held by Google.

Learn more about cookies stored by Google:


3) Third party cookies

For example, cookies allow us to provide targeted advertising on the websites of our marketing partners. These cookies make the content of the advertising as interesting as possible for the user. We also use marketing cookies to display the content of some channels on the site.


Facebook tracking pixel

Our website uses a Facebook pixel tag that installs cookies on a user's device.

After the user visits Facebook, he may be shown information or advertisements related to similar content.

Users can restrict such marketing from Facebook’s privacy settings at

LinkedIn tracking pixel

Our website uses a LinkedIn pixel tag, which installs cookies on the user's device.
For example, it helps us develop our LinkedIn marketing.
The pixel can be used to display targeted advertising on LinkedIn and to monitor the effectiveness of advertising.
Learn more about cookies set by LinkedIn

Powr cookies
Our website uses the Powr App plug-in to display social media channels. PowrApp installs cookies on the user's device.
Learn more about the cookies used by the Powr add-on:


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