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We hope you are doing well.

As we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of Lapuan Kankurit, it feels proper to not only gaze back to the past half a century, but to also set our sights on to you, the world of tomorrow. After all, it is for you that we do so much of what we do. Investing in education. Developing new ways to consume less and to give out more. Forever exploring new avenues to be kinder, gentler, less demanding on our environment.

We hope that kindness, in general, has prevailed. Sometimes we fear it won’t be so. We hope to have learned the very difficult and exceedingly obvious truth, that tearing each other – and this planet with us – down will always do us less good than building each other up.

We know that the future is impossible to predict. Nobody can really say what is to come. But this we know: while we will keep evolving, keep renewing, keep innovating, our core values will stay the same. The intelligence of nature and the invincible characteristics of natural materials will be the same. Mother Nature is the most ingenious engineer of all, and we will do well to keep learning under her tutelage.

So, world of tomorrow. Here they are. Our fragile hopes for you, our fierce dreams. We will bury them into the soil and raise them up to the skies. Sow them within every sewn thread, weave them into every yarn. Manifest them into being in the form of our labour and love.Dear world of 2073, we hope you are doing well. And in the meanwhile, we will be doing everything in our power to make it so.

Text Jenna Suomela Photo Katja Lösönen



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