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Almost all of our fabrics are finished. Finishing removes all tension left in the fabric, and a high-quality product retains its shape even after home washing. Finishing also affects the product's properties. In our new finishing facility in Lapua, depending on the quality of the product, the fabrics go through wet finishing, sewing, washing machines, tumble dryers, jigger washing, or calendaring before being packaged and stored.

Almost all of this happens in Lapua. Only part of the sewing is done in our subsidiary in Kaunas, and some of it in our sewing department in Lapua. Before establishing our subsidiary, our long-time sewers Laima and Dana worked in Lapua for years to help with the sewing during the holiday rush. With the growing demand for sewing and the need for sewers, we decided to establish their own company for them in their home region, Kaunas. Dana and Laima still work with us.

Most of the wool blankets are fringed and after that they go to washing and milling, stentor dryer and raising machines in our new finishing facility in Lapua. The fire-safe fillings for sauna pillows and pillow filling are done at Lennol Oy in Jalasjärvi. We weave linen ribbons ourselves and we have cotton ribbons woven by a subcontractor near by.

Did you know ?

Lapuan Kankurit has built a unique continuous wool textile finishing facility in Finland 2021-2022. The investment was over 2 million euros, and it included the construction of an energy-efficient finishing facility, wool finishing equipment, and cutting and sewing automations.


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