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Woven Together
Woven Together

Woven Together

Lapuan Kankurit is a small, tight-knit family business woven together by skill and community.

The clang of weaving machines fills the air.
The weaving mill in Lapua, Finland is the focal point of the company, where the magic of creating new textiles is always present.

The thirty people at the weaving mill all work together as a team, much like family members. And that is what Lapuan Kankurit ultimately is: Jaana and Esko Hjelt are fourth-generation weavers who carry on long-lasting traditions as well as keep their gaze pointed forward. The concept of their business is based on own production, product development, and technical innovations. In recent years, the company has invested in growth and new machinery. However, the traditions of family business still continue at the weaving mill, and each individual plays an important role in creating the high-quality products Lapuan Kankurit is known for. Communication between people is easy, as everyone gathers around the table to discuss work over a cup of coffee.

Authenticity and traceability inspire everyone at the weaving mill. Colleagues work close together and the entire process from design to finished product feels tangible. Every Lapuan Kankurit product is a joint effort of their own weaving and sewing mills, and the high quality their products are known for stems from the highly skilled professionals at work. Some have been in the textile industry all their life, while others have learned their craft through apprenticeship training.

Teaching young people the craft of weaving is important to the company: while many big textile companies tend to decentralise their production, thus creating a long global chain, Lapuan Kankurit wants to keep craftsmanship alive by making products in their own mills. Creating a product begins with design, and Lapuan Kankurit is proud to work together with talented designers from Finland and Japan. Introducing young up-and-coming designers to the weaving mill also keeps craftsmanship and skill alive.

High-quality, traceable materials are the core of all Lapuan Kankurit products. The company weaves with natural, authentic materials from European spinning mills.

70 percent of product wholesale prices go to cover material and production costs, and the company believes that is what all textile companies should strive for. Fair compensation and ecological materials keep the textile industry sustainable.

Just as the employees in the Lapuan Kankurit family know each other, they also want clients to know who created the products they buy. When clients know who created the products they buy, the textiles are used carefully and even passed down generations. Lapuan Kankurit believes that is the way towards creating a better tomorrow.

Text Aino Hyyryläinen Photo Katja Lösönen


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