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Lapuan Kankurit JUHANNUS balnket 100x150 cm white-woad


Lapuan Kankurit sources the Finnsheep wool fibre, utilized in their wool yarns, locally. The yarn made from this fibre is spun to be either natural brown or beige, and some are dyed further.

The Finnsheep wool is also dyed in the Lappajärvi Dyeing Mill, either blue from plant dyes extracted from woad or yellow with coffee. The coffee waste used in the dyeing process comes from Paulig’s roastery in Vuosaari. The waste is a by-product of coffee production, and finds new purpose through Natural Indigo, a Finnish company which utilizes the waste to produce natural dyes. Nearly all of Paulig’s waste is recycled to other purposes.

The KAAMOS and JUHANNUS wool blankets, designed by Hanna Galtat and dyed with coffee and woad, are available in our stores and online! The blankets are woven and finished in Lapua, and are available in two sizes: 150x200 cm and 100x150 cm.


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