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Lapuan Kankurit KAAMOS blanket white-olive and white-natures brown
Lapuan Kankurit TAITO towel linen-green-grey and linen-blue-brown
Lapuan Kankurit KOODI blankets


Autumn is soon here, and we want to invite you along for the coming adventures. Our Finnsheep wool collection, designed by Hanna Galtat, is finished. The JUHANNUS blanket found its inspiration in the two turning points for daylight, the shortest and longest days of the year, between which light increases and decreases. The KAAMOS blanket, in turn, depicts the daily cycle of light and dark.

Our work with utilizing plant dyes in our industrial process has taken steps forward. In fact, you can discover plant dyed products in our autumn collection.

We are also overjoyed to announce our collaboration with The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation. Together with the designer Marianne Huotari we have created the SUON ÄÄNI (“the voice of the mire” in Finnish) tea towel collection. Part of the proceeds from the collection will be directed towards protecting the Finnish mires. The designs – HIPAISU (“caress”), LÄHTEIKKÖ (“spring fen”) and MUURAIN (“cloudberry”) – and the colours of the collection do not only aim to evoke the imagery of the mires, but to also encourage bold and loud discourse on the behalf of them.

On top of that, it is our great honour to welcome designers Samu-Jussi Koski and Elisa Defozzes in our midst. Samu-Jussi’s collection, inspired by the city of Helsinki, includes the TÖÖLÖ woollen blankets and scarves as well as the HIETSU linen towels. The collection will expand later in 2023 with MERIHAKA and KAAPELITEHDAS bath textiles.

The TAITO towels and sauna covers, designed by Elisa Defozzes, were inspired by observing nature. Elisa wanted to depict the passing of time, the evolution of colours and the changing of seasons with the alternating patterns.

We want to bring colour and beauty to the coming autumn and winter together with our new and familiar designers. For our latest collection Elina Helenius, a member of our design team, conceived joyful and colourful new linen and woollen products called KOODI (“code”), RINNE (“slope”), TOFFEE and TUPLA (“double”).

Besides these gorgeous new products, our design team also expanded our collection with soft woollen blankets called CAMP, PUNOS (“twine”), NOKOSET (“a nap”) and HYVÄÄ YÖTÄ (“good night”) as well as the Finnsheep woollen ARVO. Reetta Ek’s magnificent MEHILÄISPESÄ (“beehive”) design will be brought back into production as a softly tufted woollen blanket. The JÄKÄLÄ hot water bottle will be produced with zero waste principle from surplus fabric.

Our linen collection will also welcome some newcomers: the LAINA and TOIVO sauna covers and sauna pillows, as well as Teemu Järvi’s HAVU (“sprig”) tablerunner and placemat will set the ambiance for autumn.

Furthermore, the following favourite products will be available in new colours: KISSANPÄIVÄT, KOIRAPUISTO, DUO, AAMU, UNI, TULITIKKU, NAISTEN SAUNA, MIESTEN SAUNA and ELÄINTEN SAUNA.


You'll find us at the following trade fairs:

Trendset, Munich A2 F37
Maison & Objet, Paris Hall 5A D65
Habitare, Helsinki 6 B 48


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