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Lapuan Kankurit

Through the eyes of tradition

Katja Lösönen has worked with Lapuan Kankurit for nearly 13 years as a masterful storyteller through her words and pictures. Originally hailing from the countryside of eastern Finland, she left the bustling life of Helsinki behind to relocate in the coastal city of Vaasa, the regional capital of Osthrobotnia. She has come to enjoy and appreciate the area, especially the Ostrobothnian way of living and being.

People here care about one another and have a very sure sincerity about them – qualities which I also recognize in Lapuan Kankurit itself.

Katja traces her roots deep into the Finnish Karelia, well known for its rich folklore and tradition. She finds her heritage to be an important part of her selfhood, both in her professional and private life.

I do feel a responsibility to protect and uphold not only our folk religion and traditions but also our native forests and their biodiversity, Katja says.

Nature is an intrinsic part of our culture. And personally, I do believe in the holiness of nature itself. To me it seems strange how distant nature has become for many – something to pay for and travel to over a holiday – when it could be something present and near in the everyday life.

Her core philosophies and beliefs are an essential part of her work as well.

I enjoy working with companies whose values and ideals match with mine, says Katja.

This is one of the reasons why I’ve enjoyed my time with Lapuan Kankurit so much: we share the values of sustainability, respecting our legacies as well as nature-focused and nature-appreciative living. There is something very true-to-life and authentic about Lapuan Kankurit and the work they do, something that reaches past the surface.

The sentiment of values is echoed by the owners of Lapuan Kankurit.

I take great pride in the fact that I’ve been surrounded by a group of people who dedicate themselves to Lapuan Kankurit marketing with utmost joy, professionalism and passion. The secret to our long-standing partnership with Katja is definitely in our shared values and way of thinking. She always seems to know just what we are looking for in our photos and has brilliant ideas. Katja has a near-magical ability of bringing nature and its ambiance palpably to us through her work, says Jaana Hjelt.

In every story Katja has created for Lapuan Kankurit we are invited to perceive the world through her eyes – the view anchored in deeprooted heritage, steady values and a tangible affection for the Finnish forests and their many myths.

I adore my line of work. It is humane and appreciative at its core. You do not have to strive for something perfect, but rather for something genuine and captivating, Katja says.

Text Jenna Suomela & Photo Katja Lösönen

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