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Lapuan Kankurit OSMANKÄÄMI tablecloth-blanket linen-rainy blue


In the beginning, there is yarn. From this yarn we weave a good life, responsibly, respecting the environment. Our roots go all the way back to 1917. 

We weave natural raw materials, linen and wool. We weave Nordic design, inspired by our pure nature. To balance out the chilling climate of the north, we weave heaps of warmth and softness into our textiles. 



Lapuan Kankurit AAMU tablecloth and napkin grey


In June we offer AAMU table linens -20 %. The offer is valid for our valued customers in the Lapua Outlet, Helsinki Store and online during June. Remember to log in to get the offer online.


The discreet design and beautiful colours of the AAMU tableware series are easy to combine with a wide range of styles and moods. 

The AAMU tablecloth 150x260 cm paints the perfect background for festivities as well as for casual summer table settings. AAMU is also available as meterware, from which you can make a tablecloth that fits your needs. The AAMU napkin 48x48 cm is also suitable as a small cloth or towel, as the product has a hanger on one corner. Available in seven beautiful colours.

lapuankankurit 50 woven journey

It’s the 50th birthday of Lapuan Kankurit.
50 years filled with exultant joys, heart-breaking hardships, remarkable friendships, bold breakthroughs, beautiful designs – 50 years filled with more memories than a mind could possibly hold.

Our family’s journey in the world of textiles began all the way back in 1917 with Juho Annala, who founded a felt boot factory in Lapua and subsequently laid the groundwork for the founding of Lapuan Kankurit in 1973. The past is the cornerstone on which we ground our work and our mission. And it’s from this ground up we peer over the horizon to feel the fresh wind blowing in our faces. It’s a wind that carries promises of more memories to be made, of laughter, of freedom, of dreams. Of a deeper connection between Earth and its denizens. It makes no guarantees of things always being easy, but promises them to be worthwhile.


Woven Journey - exhibition
Lapua Art museum 16.6-9.9.2023


Lapuan Kankurit JÄKÄLÄ sauna cover and TERVA towel white-grey

Let Your Values Show
A perfect business gift tells a story about your company's core values. Now it is easy - our customer service is happy to help you! 

We Wrap It for You

We put the finishing touches to your business gift by gift wrapping it neatly. You get your gift ready to be given.
If you wish, we can also ship the gift to your customer. In our online store, remember to add gift wrapping to your order.

Easy Ordering

We have made buying business gifts easy for you. 











Lapuan Kankurit viimeistelylaitos 2022


We are currently testing our brand new finishing plant, and we’d like to invite you along for the journey. Now is your once-in-a-lifetime chance to buy an entirely unique piece of Lapuan Kankurit craftsmanship in the form of a cosy woollen blanket. Every pilot product batch is one-of-a-kind and can come in varying sizes, weaves and finishes.


Pilot blanket batches are now available with SPECIAL PRICES in our Helsinki Store and Lapua Outlet as well as online as long as supplies last. The selection may wary.


All of the products are a part of our ongoing production trials in Lapua. The pilot products are made from certified Wool Integrity NZ fibre, Finnsheep fibre as well as mixed fibres and with different colours, melange yarns, plant dye tests and various patterns. These pilot blankets will help shape an upcoming Lapuan Kankurit collection, to be released in 2023.


Join us in envisioning the future of Lapuan Kankurit products.

Lapuan Kankurit


We are the fourth generation of weavers in our family. Everything we do is transparent. We are guided by the thought that we are weaving a good life for people around the world.


With this responsibility report we want to walk you through the concrete actions we take. The responsibility manifest of Lapuan Kankurit along with our promises to the consumers and to our partners. You can read from the attachment, how products are created.


We will describe our process from the flax field to the conception of a product design all the way to the end user. We will demonstrate how we have incorporated responsibility in every step of the way. We want to pass on a lasting legacy for generations to come.


Lapuan Kankurit AALLOKKO towel linen-black

Linen is an ecological choice. Ground water is saved, since linen requires no irrigation. Instead, it uses rainwater to grow. The cultivation of linen maintains the healthy diversity of the ecosystem.

Weaving mill / Kutomomme

The Weaving Mill Is Our Heart. Developing the best textiles in the world is our passion. The world is changing, and Lapuan Kankurit has the courage to develop entirely new products and invest in our own production.


Lapuan Kankurit opened their first flagship store in Omotesando, Tokyo with their long-term distributor in the beginning of October 2019. With this store Lapuan Kankurit strengthen their presence in Japan and bring their company values and way of life closer to the customers.

Instagram Finland
Designer Helmi Liikanen was visiting our weaving mill in Lapua, Finland. Welcome to join Helmi and enjoy the tour around the weaving mill!


From the weavers of good life
Tekninen toteutus: Sitebuilders Finland Oy