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Lapuan Kankurit Koivu towel white-grey and Kaste bathrobe grey

Weaving for nature, weaving for tradition. Weaving for you.

In the beginning, there was yarn. From this yarn we weave a good life, responsibly, respecting the environment. Our roots go all the way back to 1917.

We weave natural raw materials, linen and wool. We weave Nordic design, inspired by our pure nature. To balance out the chilling climate of the north, we weave heaps of warmth and softness into our textiles.

And above all else, we weave for you, dear friend. For you, we weave wonderful warmth, sweet softness, tender well-being, and a beautiful, pleasant life.

Lapuan Kankurit KUUTAMO blanket olive-rose


The sumptuously soft KUUTAMO blanket is made in our own weaving mill in Lapua, Finland. The blanket is a luxurious blend of merino and cotton, so it's perfect for year-round use. The KUUTAMO pattern is designed by Saara Obele.


The PUUTARHA towel/ napkin (46x46 cm), designed by Saara Obele, is made of easy-care linen-cotton. There is a hanger in one corner of the towel. The product is also perfect as a napkin for spring and summer parties. The product's beautiful pattern and fresh colours also work well in a small cloth form. The product combines delicious colours and a beautiful nature theme, and is a perfect fit for a home or a summer cottage. Puutarha towels are made in our own weaving mill in Lapua, Finland.


The offer is valid in the Lapua Outlet, Helsinki Store and Tampere shop-in-shop as well as online during May 2024.

Lapuan Kankurit PUUTARHA towel napkin


Free delivery to a collection point for online orders (over 100 €)!


The offer is valid for consumers during May 2024.

Lapuan Kankurit Elisa Defossez


Elisa Defossez is an international talent. Elisa was born and grew up in Belgium. After studying Product Design in Brussels, she continued in Textile Design field at Aalto University in Finland. She has been running her design studio in Helsinki since 2021, while working between Finland and Japan.


Inspired by nature, her designs aim to bring warmth and coziness into daily life.

Lapuan Kankurit HOHTO towel white-green


A new design by Elisa Defossez called HOHTO is inspired by the soft sunlight filtering through trees, a phenomenon known as "Komorebi" in Japan. The striped pattern evokes the play of light through leaves and the gentle rhythm of trees in the forest.


HOHTO sauna and bath textiles are perfect for summer. The stylish pattern and fresh green colour bring summer to both urban homes and summer cottages!


The HOHTO series sauna covers and sauna pillows are made of easy-care linen-cotton blend. The HOHTO towels (95x150 cm and 46x60 cm) are made of 100 % washed linen.

Lapuan Kankurit OSMANKAAMI blanket-tablecloth linen-yellow


Young individuals are very aware consumers and they strive to make as responsible and ecological choices as possible and to avoid unnecessary material. Therefore, versatile home textiles are excellent gifts for graduates.


Our versatile linen textiles make an excellent gift for the young ones, who are soon moving into their first homes. Space is usually limited in the first homes, so it's beneficial for home textiles to be multifunctional and take up as little space as possible.


Pictured is the versatile OSMANKÄÄMI cloth. It can be used as a tablecloth, a blanket, or even a curtain. 

Lapuan Kankurit JUHANNUS blanket 100x150 cm white-woad

Lapuan Kankurit sources the Finnsheep wool fibre, utilized in their wool yarns, locally. The yarn made from this fibre is spun to be either natural brown or beige, and some are dyed further with natural dyes or even with "left over coffee".

Lapuan Kankurit Own Production

The Weaving Mill Is Our Heart. Developing the best textiles in the world is our passion. The world is changing, and Lapuan Kankurit has the courage to develop entirely new products and invest in our own production.

Lapuan Kankurit forest

We manufacture products that stand the test of time. We are constantly developing new techniques and looking for new innovations. We are willing to put effort into making sure weaving skills are preserved to future generations.

WOVEN JOURNEY 1973 - 2023

It’s the 50th birthday of Lapuan Kankurit. 50 years filled with exultant joys, heart-breaking hardships, remarkable friendships, bold breakthroughs, beautiful designs – 50 years filled with more memories than a mind could possibly hold.

Our family’s journey in the world of textiles began all the way back in 1917 with Juho Annala, who founded a felt boot factory in Lapua and subsequently laid the groundwork for the founding of Lapuan Kankurit in 1973. The past is the cornerstone on which we ground our work and our mission.

Our woven journey will continue.


From the weavers of good life
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