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lapuan kankurit mauste towel

Lapuan Kankurit wants to be involved in creating the Good Holiday Spirit. For us Black Friday is Good Spirit Friday! We donate again 20% of our sales in our online store, Helsinki Store and Lapua Outlet on Friday 27.11.2020 to Hyvä Joulumieli (Christmas spirit) campaign.

Let's do good together!


lapuan kankurit free shipping November 2020

You can easily order products from our online store even from your home sofa. At the same time, you can order your Christmas gifts and avoid overcrowding in stores. We offer free delivery for online orders (over 100 eur) in November 2020! The offer is valid for registered consumer customers in our online shop. Remember to log in to get the offer.

We’d like to remind you that we offer our products packed into gift bags and delivered straight to the gift receiver! Our gift-bags can be found from the Sundries Category in our online store.

lapuan kankurti viiru merino wool scarf

VIIRU scarves warm your body and soul as they are woven from delightfully soft 100% merino wool in our own weaving mill in Lapua, Finland. Our extremely popular VIIRU scarf is available in two sizes and several colour variations!

The wider scarf 75x220cm is suitable as a shawl or scarf. Although it is wide, the scarf, which is lightweight, drapes comfortably over neck and shoulders. The narrow scarf 35x220cm is perfect gift idea foir men.

The offer -20% is valid in November 2020; it is for both our new and returning loyal customers in our Helsinki Store, Lapua Outlet and for registered customers. Remember to log in to get the offer.

Lapuan Kankurit Helmi Liikanen

We are the fourth generation of weavers in our family. Everything we do is transparent. We are guided by the thought that we are weaving a good life for people around the world.


With this respon sibility report we want to walk you through the concrete actions we take. The responsibility manifest of Lapuan Kankurit along with our promises to the consumers and to our partners. You can read from the attachment, how products are created. We will describe our process from the flax field to the conception of a product design all the way to the end user. We will demonstrate how we have incorporated responsibility in every step of the way. We want to pass on a lasting legacy for generations to come.


Pattern Lab20 x Lapuan Kankurit

Pattern Lab is a year-long study project at Aalto University of Art, Design and Architecture. The project gives students a possibility to experience what it is like to work as a professional freelance designer in the textile industry. During the training, students create their own designs in co-operation with a design company, such as Lapuan Kankurit.


“It is our responsibility to make sure that both the⁠ weaving skills and design work in the industry are preserved for⁠ future generations.”⁠ says Jaana Hjelt.

Watch our video about Pattern lab:

Linen is an ecological choice. Ground water is saved, since linen requires no irrigation. Instead, it uses rainwater to grow. The cultivation of linen maintains the healthy diversity of the ecosystem.

Weaving mill / Kutomomme

The Weaving Mill Is Our Heart. Developing the best textiles in the world is our passion. The world is changing, and Lapuan Kankurit has the courage to develop entirely new products and invest in our own production.

Omotesando, Tokyo

Lapuan Kankurit opened their first flagship store in Omotesando, Tokyo with their long-term distributor in the beginning of October 2019. With this store Lapuan Kankurit strengthen their presence in Japan and bring their company values and way of life closer to the customers.

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Our own weaving mill in Lapua, Finland, is our heart. Our great professionals make it happen every day; they guarantee that you get the best possible product.


From the weavers of good life
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