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RUOSTE , 100% linen, design Anu Leinonen

Enjoy the August Nights under a light RUOSTE 100% linen blanket.

Design Anu Leinonen


We donate 12 euro for every sold 95 x 180 AALLONMURTAJA towel to the Clean Baltic sea!


Helsinki store

is located in the Tori Quarter, a unique empire style centre at the heart of Helsinki between the Helsinki Cathedral and Market Square.

Katariinankatu 2

RUOSTE , 100% linen, design Anu Leinonen

Linen is an ecological choice.
Ground water is saved, since linen requires no irrigation. Instead, it uses rainwater to grow.
The cultivation of linen maintains the healthy diversity of the ecosystem.

Our own weaving mill in Lapua, Finland, is our heart. Our great professionals make it happen every day; they guarantee that you get the best possible product.

Uusi METSIKKÖ huopa ja pyyhe lahjakkaalta suunnittelijaltamme, Matti Pikkujämsältä _
Ensi viikolla nämä ihanat 100% villaiset huovat ovat... 18.08.2019 - 13:40

Did you know that we have lovely stockists all over the world. You may find our online stockiest as well as local stores here:

... 17.08.2019 - 18:35

Vielä pari päivää kaikki tuotteet ALE 20-50%
Lapua Outletissa ja verkkokaupassa 18.8.2019 saakka!

Alennus koskee vain myymälässä tai... 16.08.2019 - 23:28

INSTAGRAM @lapuankankurit
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