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Reeta Ek

Reeta Ek

Reeta Ek is a freelance designer from Helsinki and a MA graduate from Textile Art and Design department in the Aalto University on Arts, Design and Architecture. She has also studied Fine Arts, and already in her paintings she became interested in repeats, patterns and building a surface. She sketches by hand; plenty of drawings inspired by the subconscious – surfaces, rhythms, lines. The PUIKKO pattern was created when she played with wooden Eskimo ice cream sticks. The best ideas come from everyday life, things that were not originally intended as art. 

The AALLONMURTAJA series was created in co-operation with the John Nurminen Foundation. This co-operation enables us to donate a fixed amount from every product sold from the collection directly to Clean the Baltic Sea project, founded by the John Nurminen Foundation.

PÄRE and UITTO are also other great examples of series created for us by Reeta Ek.

Design Forum Finland awarded her with The Young Designer of the Year prize of 2017. According to the prize jury of Design Forum Finland, Reeta Ek is a fine example of a professional, creative young designer whose exposure and success in Finland has been based more on strong professional skill than an efficiently marketed designer brand. Reeta Ek has a unique and distinctive style, and her works combine intense sensitivity with a strong, articulate execution.

Video: Reeta Ek video



Lapuan Kankurit AALLOKKO towel linen-blue

AALLOKKOWashed linen towel. We donate 2,50 € / 10 € to the Clean Baltic sea.

24,90  € 
Donation to CLEAN BALTIC SEA -project


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