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Lapuan Kankurit Saimaannorppa towel
Lapuan Kankurit Saimaannorppa sauna pillow, towel
saimaannorppa Saimaa ringed seal


Lapuan Kankurit has released the SAIMAANNORPPA collection in cooperation with The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (FANC) year 2019. One of the FANC’s aims is to protect the endangered Saimaa ringed seal. The Saimaa ringed seal (saimaannorppa in Finnish) is the most endangered seal in the world. It lives only in the Finnish lake Saimaa. Today, there are only around 400 seals.
The association’s specialist Kaarina Tiainen has designed a pattern that works beautifully as woven textiles. SAIMAANNORPPA products, wool blankets, hot water bottles, linen towels and sauna textiles combine the craftsmanship of Lapuan Kankurit with a deep understanding of nature.
Each SAIMAANNORPPA hot water bottle cover is cut from a different piece of fabric, replicating the unique rings that are found on each seal. Lapuan Kankurit donates a fixed amount for each of the SAIMAANNORPPA products sold to the FANC for the protection of the Saimaa ringed seal.

Hava a look at SAIMAANNORPPA collection.

Lapuan Kankurit has raised 32.000 euros for FANC before until 2024.




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