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For us, environmental responsibility means concrete actions in our own operations. We are committed to saving natural resources and increasing the positive impact on the environment. As a proof of this, we have been awarded the EcoCompass Certificate.

EcoCompass is an environmental management system (EMS) that helps us develop our environmental efforts in a more systematic manner. With it, we can map out the current status of our environmental management and identify our most relevant environmental impacts. We have successfully passed the EcoCompass audit and are committed to complying with its ten criteria. 

We want to do our part in leaving the future generations with a lasting and sustainable heritage, and behind all of our development efforts is the ever-growing ambition for responsibility. As we earn our livelihood from the nature itself, we also wish to respect it with more environmentally conscious choices. With the EcoCompass system our organization commits to continuous improvement in the mitigation of our environmental impact. Each year, we publish a report on the actualisation of the actions and the status of the indicators in the Environmental Management Program. Our aim is to become carbon neutral, and we are continuously developing our operations in order to achieve this goal.

You can read more about EcoCompass here:




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