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Masters of Linen

MASTERS OF LINEN® is a registered mark and sign of excellence for linen 100% Made in EUROPE, from field to yarn to fabric. A benchmark for both the trade and the consumer.

Club Masters of Linen gathers and promotes the certified European textile companies: spinners, weavers and knitters who have opted for 100% European traceability and want to offer their clients – brands and/or consumers – a differentiation tool a high value-added identity.

The Masters of Linen logo preserves and enhances the Made in Europe claim, answering Consumer and Corporate Social Responsibility expectations:

Made in Europe, from field to yarn to fabric
Sustainable production, respecting the environment from European Flax® fibre: no irrigation, no gmo, no waste, carbon sink, field retting, mechanical scutching to yarn, fabric and finishing according to highest regulations and biodegradable
Social ethics, European know-how and jobs
Proximity, local, agricultural+textile land identity
Low carbon footprint
Excellence and innovation

European Spinners and Weavers or Circular knitters commit to support European industry and strict traceability ; each of these steps must be certified. Yearly audits are performed by companies’ Auditors or one of the approved certification bodies: Centrocot-IT et Centexbel-BE.

LINEN  ECO-SYSTEM  100% Eco-responsible

A true « carbon well », each year one hectare of flax retains 3,7 tons of CO2. And this is not the least of its « green » advantages. Flax has proven itself as an excellent break crop: renewed in rotation every 6 to 7 years, flax naturally produces optimal soil quality, thereby increasing returns on the following crops.

100% Sustainable development
Counting all stages of production, the European linen industry is made up of 10,000 companies in 14 countries of the EU : a network of interactive professionnals – growers, scutchers, spinners, weavers, knitters, finishers, traders. Linen helps maintain an economic and social fabric in rural zones. Its growth and transformation require a large, qualified, local work force. The Linen industry is committed to respecting the laws of the International Labor Office.

100% natural
A « militant » plant that respects the environment and preserves the land – as well as the surrounding plants and wildlife – flax protects the soil and water resources : it needs 0 irrigation (rain water is enough to grow it) and very little input (fertilizer and  phytosanitary). 

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