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AALLONMURTAJA, design Reeta Ek for a Clean Baltic Sea
AALLONMURTAJA, design Reeta Ek for a Clean Baltic Sea

Lapuan Kankurit helping the Baltic Sea

The linen and wool weaving mill Lapuan Kankurit has begun a cooperation with the John Nurminen Foundation at 2017. The Foundation's Clean Baltic Sea projects advance the protection of the joint, unique marine environment, so a cooperation is a natural part of the activities of a responsible, design weaving mill using natural materials.

The new Lapuan Kankurit AALLONMURTAJA (breakwater) collection is designed by Reeta Ek. The nautical series designed in shades of blue includes a linen towel, a hand towel, a bag, as well as a sauna seat cover and pillow. The products include the Clean Baltic Sea – Woven in Finland logo, and Lapuan Kankurit donates a fixed sum to John Nurminen Foundation's Clean Baltic Sea projects for each delivered product. The donated amounts are marked in the Lapuan Kankurit online shop, and on the product cards in the shops.

Esko Hjelt, Managing Director of Lapuan Kankurit, is happy about the new cooperation.

– Our customers value clean nature, and they identify Lapuan Kankurit as a responsible, ecological operator. Now, we want to invite everyone to do small good deeds for the good of the nature. By buying AALLONMURTAJA bath products, it is easy to support the wellbeing of the Baltic Sea. Hopefully future generations will get to enjoy the natural clean waters as well, says Hjelt.

Minna Korpela, Fundraising Director of John Nurminen Foundation, is delighted about the new cooperation possibilities in the field of international design.

– The support of Lapuan Kankurit in the projects aiming to reduce the nutrient load of the Sea helps us lessen the amount of blue-green algae that comes about every summer. Bathing and sauna products also act as a great messenger: you want to take a dip in the water when the water is clean, and this is our joint goal.

Over 50 % of Lapuan Kankurit net revenue is comprised out of exports. Global strengths of the Finnish linen and wool weaving mill, in addition to Scandinavian top design, are technical innovations, natural materials and the weaving mill's responsible and ecological operations.

The John Nurminen Foundation's Clean Baltic Sea projects improve the status of the Baltic Sea with concrete measures that reduce the nutrient load and environmental risks faced by the Sea. 25 projects have been launched between 2005-2016 in Northwest Russia, Poland, the Baltics and Belarus. 17 of the projects have been completed, and as their result, the Sea's annual phosphorus load has reduced by over 2000 tons. The Local Fishing Project, launched in 2015, as well as the NutriTrade and BEST projects continue to cut down the Sea's nutrient load. Funding for the Clean Baltic Sea projects is received from private donations and public funding.

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Together with our customers, we have already donated 49 000 euros to support the Foundation’s valuable work for saving our unique Baltic Sea. 



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