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Lapuan Kankurit Helsinki
Lapuan Kankurit Helsinki

An Oasis in Torikorttelit, Helsinki

We have combined traditional Finnish elements with Japanese minimalism to create a light infused and peaceful environment in our completely renewed Helsinki Flagship store.

Locals and Tourists of Helsinki are now able to enjoy their new "living room" when we re-opened our doors to Katariinankatu 2, during May 2019. In the space, you can enjoy Finnish textiles, flip through design, food and lifestyle books or just come in from the hustle and bustle of our busy capital and relax.

"We invested in our Tori Quarter's store because we believe in the Old Town of Helsinki, which offers experiences with a slight modern touch to all who wander in." Marketing Director Jaana Hjelt of Lapuan Kankurit, explains.

Our new store has been designed by the Japanese design office IMA design Mana and Takashi Kobayashi, who have also designed the Lapua Kankurit factory outlet in Lapua. The store's interior highlights peace, the hue of birches and birch shingles in new modern forms. "The aroma of tar in the store and the seasonally changing music strengthen the good feeling and laid-back atmosphere", Hjelt says.

The roots of Lapuan Kankurit are deeply tied to Finnish know-how and their textile tradition – the first textile company in the family was founded in 1917. Today, Lapuan Kankurit is known not only for its luxurious linen and wool products, but also for its product innovations. The continuous product development is made possible by the heart of the company: the jacquard weaving mill, which works still in Lapua today.

"We want to be a part of moving the textile tradition and know-how to the next generation. We believe in traceability, transparency and sustainable development. That's why we want our renewed store to introduce these values and provide us the space where people can get closer to our textile tradition."



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