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lapuan kankurit hiilineutraali 2035


The aim to keep our global warming under 1,5 Celsius degrees requires radical measures. The Finnish Textile and Fashion Organization’s Carbon Neutral Textile Sector 2035 -commitment has summoned together the companies who wish to take action to reduce carbon emission.

Lapuan Kankurit was among the first to sign the commitment. The participants aim for a carbon neutral business activity by 2035. The commitment acts as a tool for the textile businesses to reign in climate change. In addition, it offers regular training and counselling in relation to the most current questions regarding climate change, which is of key importance to small and medium sized companies in this rapidly evolving world.

”We began measuring our carbon footprint a few years back. Through it we understand emissions better and can actively work towards carbon neutrality. The Carbon Neutral Textile Sector 2035 calculator is a great aid in this. Together with other textile businesses we can help each other improve and work to achieve a better tomorrow”, says Jaana Hjelt.

”This spring we will incorporate the environmental management system EcoCompass into our entire company operation, which will also help us towards a carbon neutral textile sector. Here in Lapua we are currently investing in a finishing plant, which allows us to take our environment in consideration on an entire new level through, for example, geothermal heating and heat recovery systems.


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