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Lapuan Kankurit shop-in-shop Tampere
Lapuan Kankurit shop-in-shop Tampere


Lapuan Kankurit Opens a Shop-In-Shop in Tampere’s Verkaranta!

The roots of the picturesque Crafts Centre Verkaranta reach deep into the depths of the Finnish textile industry: the space once hosted the dye house of Tampere’s baize factory, which opened in 1858.

Tampere and its craftspeople have long been a part of Lapuan Kankurit’s woven journey, and now the shared voyage continues: we are opening a shop-in-shop in the newly renovated space of Taito Shop Tampere!

Our spinning mill’s carding machine originates from this very same baize factory, and that is not our only heritage from Tampere. Lapuan Kankurit’s Jaana and Esko Hjelt studied in Tampere, and to celebrate graduation one power loom from Plevna found its way back to Lapua in the moving van, as well.

All in all, Tampere is a dear old friend to us, and so are the people of Taito Shop Tampere and Taito Pirkanmaa. We are overjoyed to get to continue our long-lasting collaboration surrounded by such rich textile history.

Our Tampere shop-in-shop opens its doors on 12.3.2024 at Vuolteentori 2, 33100 Tampere. Open: Mon-Fri 10-18, Sat 10-16. Welcome!



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