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Aoi Yoshizawa

Aoi Yoshizawa

Originally from Tokyo, Japan, Aoi studied for an MA in textile design at Aalto University and currently works as a textile and surface designer for both interiors and fashion in Helsinki. Aoi creates graphic and expressive surface designs for different textile materials. Her works explore shapes, textures and colours in her daily surroundings. In Helsinki, she gets inspired through her everyday experiences in both the forest and the city as well as the stories told by local people. Aoi also appreciates textile traditions and reinterprets them for modern home interiors.

AINO blanket blueberry-turquoise

Ainowool blanket

122,90  € 
AINO blanket


122,90  € 
SADE sauna cover white-turquoise

Sadesauna cover

14,90  € 
SADE towel white-rose


17,90  € 
SADE sauna pillow white-turquoise

Sadesauna pillow

28,90  € 
JOKI towel white-turquoise


17,90  € 


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