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Dora Jung

Dora Jung (1906–1980)

Renowned worldwide, this Finnish textile artist, craftswoman, and industrial designer had a career that spanned five decades. Her products and works of art made out of linen can be found in homes, churches, and public buildings. In her day, DORA JUNG was known as a bold reformist and a pioneer in crafts and arts. She developed her own weaving techniques - with a unique sense of aesthetics, colours, and shapes and a perfect hand with the finest linens. Her designs garnered important awards both in Finland and abroad. Dora Jung was known for uncompromising ambition and always demanding the best output in her own work. She was on a constant search for new ways to express her ideas and emotions through textiles. She questioned the restrictions traditionally set by materials and weaving techniques and was not afraid to take on challenges which seemed impossible in order to achieve the result she was striving for. Her vision of beautiful everyday objects in Finnish homes inspired her to design linen tablecloths that stand the test of time. Now Dora Jung's fabulous and exquisite linen textiles are reborn in the work of Lapuan Kankurit.


From the weavers of good life
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