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Heini Riitahuhta

Heini Riitahuhta

Heini Riitahuhta graduated from Aalto University, Ceramic and Glass Design department, in 2002 and now works as an independent artist in the Arabia Art Department. This versatile designer is well known internationally: she received the honourable mention in Mino, Japan. Heini and Lapuan Kankurit share the same values: respect for nature, striving for beauty and simplicity. 

Heini’s inspiration flow from her childhood memories of her Grandmother in her garden, surrounded by the smells of the earth and the perfume of the flowers. Her beloved RUUT designs parallel her ceramic works with the same hexagon forms she uses which are also found in the ceramic works throughout the Arabianranta courtyard. 

A whole life is woven into Ruut's patterns. 
The images are a continuation through the years as her children grew. "I wanted Ruut to be cozy like a patchwork blanket, just like life is. I drew themes that are related to flowers and growth, to reflect the shared period of life between mother and daughter. I see the advancement of an important person similarly to a flower in bloom - and of course there are always the hidden parts that I can't ever truly know. 

The RUUT pattern was chosen as Avotakka Interior Magazine’s ”Textile of the Year 2015”.


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