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Essi Vuontisjärvi

Textile artisan Essi Vuontisjärvi has designed the towel pattern MY FINLAND. She comes from a little island in Southwestern Finland, and that landscape can also be seen in her work; there's a certain roughness and edge to it. She is especially fond of Lapuan Kankurit washed linen's lively surface.

Essi also works in her family business Kustavin Savipaja (Kustavi Ceramics). She finds it easy to work with Lapuan Kankurit, because both enterprises share the same values: they put their heart into work and look for quality. She also respects Lapuan Kankurit's thrive for new innovations. Essi always designs new patterns with a customer in her mind: to create something that is easy to buy for oneself or give as a gift.


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