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Saara Obele

Saara Obele

Saara Obele is an illustrator and graphic designer originally from South Karelia, who has since settled in the Helsinki metropolitan area. She gets inspired by colors, childlike playfulness, strong contrasts and on the beautiful, diverse nature of Finland with its varied seasons.

Saara is studying for a Master of Arts at Aalto University in the field of visual communication design. The Jäkälä and Kuutamo patterns were created in Patternlab22 while working on pattern design project.

Jäkälä (lichen in english) is a hymn for the forest floor. It extends and reaches out over large areas in a unified ensemble, bringing softness to the rocky landscape.

Kuutamo (the moonlight in English), on the other hand, is inspired by the warm, almost tropical nights of late summer, when the forest vegetation strain the light of a bright moon.

The Garden pattern is as bountiful as the food servings on the table of a skilled gardener. Nothing tastes quite as good as food grown with gentle care in your own garden and enjoyed together, surrounded by loved ones at harvest time.





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