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Elisa Defossez Kikuchi

Elisa Defossez Kikuchi

Elisa was born and grew up in Belgium. After studying Product Design in Brussels, she continued in Textile Design field at Aalto University in Finland. Since 2021, she is running her design studio in Helsinki, while working between Finland and Japan. Inspired by nature, her designs aim to bring warmth and coziness into daily life.

"TAITO design takes its origin in my daily nature observation. Everyday I feel things are moving, colours are changing, seasons are succeeding. In my works,I like to represent this natural change through gradient patterns. TAITO is a design made of hand drawn lines that creates a gradient grid. Interpret nature through an irregular grid represents for me an ideal relationship between human and nature, based on structured plan but with a part of non control. Woven in linen with soft colours, I hope people can feel, by using the towels, a glimpse of this precious relationship in their daily life.

HOHTO (shine, glow in Finnish) is inspired by soft sunlight leaking through trees, also commonly called "Komorebi" in Japanese. The stripes pattern reminds the multiple rays of light through the leaves, but also could remind the rhythm of trees in forests."


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